About Us

Our Operations

We have been assisting the export of cargoes from the Western Australian coast continuously since 1979. It is our company ethos to assist companies navigate the ever changing shipping environment. To do this we have filled the gap in many areas to assist our clients achieve their trade requirements. This diversity in our operations has enabled us to become the only marine company in Australia that can offer itself as a one-stop-shop to shippers. We can assist shippers navigate the export process all the way through, including the following services to customers:


  • Marine Surveying including draft surveys and plant inspections
  • Ships Agency
  • Assist companies gain export approval with AMSA for Group A cargoes, including writing moisture control plans,.
  • Transportable Moisture Limit Analysis (TML) including Density, Stowage Factor and Specific Gravity.
  • Preshipment Stockpile Sampling & Moisture determination in accordance with the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes Code (IMSBC Code).
  • Representative sampling and physical analysis
  • Stockpile Management including mine manager duties
  • ShipBroking
  • Marine Insurance
  • Stevedoring
  • In addition to this, we sit on Standards Australia committees relating to sampling of bulk cargoes. 

Where We Work

We work in Ports all around Australia from Portland in the East to Esperance in the South and as far North as Melville Island (North of Darwin)

Our main operations based out of Bunbury and Geraldton.


Australian Operations

Our History

W.A. Mercantile Services was incorporated in Fremantle in 1979 to provide ancillary shipping and marine insurance services to Western Australia. 

In 1985 W.A. Mercantile Services acquired the company Griffith W.A. Services, which was the Western Australia franchise from the Internationally recognised Inspection Marine Surveying and Assay Group, then known as Daniel C Griffith & Co Based in the United Kingdom.

Mercantile Marine Pty Ltd was then established in 2003, becoming the parent company of both W.A. Mercantile Services and Griffith W.A. Services.