As Members of the relevant Australian Standards Sampling and Testing of Bulk Commodity Standard Committees, we assist in the preparation of these standards. We are therefore fully conversant with all the relevant Australian and International ISO standards currently in use. This knowledge enables us to benefit our clients with the following:

  • Design and construction of sampling systems to suit each different commodity.
  • Falling stream and stockpile increment sampling.
  • Preparation of Lot Samples, Composite Samples and Representative Samples.
  • Crushing and / or Grinding of Samples for size reduction.
  • Sizing determination.
  • Moisture content determination.
  • Transportable Moisture Limit determination.
  • Bulk Density determination.
  • Preparation of Samples for Chemical Assay.
  • Preparation of Moisture Control Plans in accordance with AMSA regulations.
  • Superintendence of re-melts at the Perth Mint for Gold Assay.

Internationally Accredited Certificates

Quantity and Quality Certificates are accredited and accepted by Financial Institutions, International Merchants and are often used to comply with the terms of Letters of Credit. The certificates most often issued are, but not limited to:

  • Certificates of Weight.
  • Certificates of Origin.
  • Certificates of Representative Sampling.
  • Certificates of Moisture Determination.
  • Certificates of Wet and Dry Tonnes.
  • Certificates of Sizing Determination.
  • Certificates of Physical Assay.

We have on-site facilities at the Ports of Geraldton and Bunbury.